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DIARY - Crew@Vision

+44 (0)207 439 4657

  • Instagram - Black Circle

Being a full time camera and steadicam operator, working on a variety of productions and genres, it has provided me with the importance of having the mindset that strives to help develop the best images the Director of Photography and Director wants.


To work effectively and efficiently within a crew. As well as the importance of the visual style within the narrative language. 
Its an evolutionary process which I hold most dear as an operator and has guided me 
to where I am now.

I specialise in Fiction, Commercials, Branded Content and Documentaries. I am
comfortable working in all disciplines and I enjoy the unique challenges of all genres 
and styles


BASED - London, UK. Working internationally

LANGUAGES- English and Spanish.

If you wish to hire me for future projects, do please contact my diary service


David Pulgarin

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