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David Pulgarin headshot

ABOUT ME - I really started my love affair with the moving image when I played around with an old 35mm camera and then upgrading that to the family camcorder. Then I saw my first film which inevitably blew my young impressionable mind about the medium, I couldn't see myself doing anything else. With that trusty camcorder and 35mm camera I filmed and photographed everything I thought was interesting and even though I may have grown older and taller, the emotions of the moving image hasn't changed.

MY GOAL - My aim is to produce the best images possible, to create a unique identity in whatever discipline, to work creatively and collaboratively with the Director and Cinematographer in creating seamless pleasing images. Its the reason why I am a steadicam and camera operator. 

To never shy away from a challenge. 

To always be open to suggestion. 

To always be creatively mindful.


BASED - London UK Working internationally

LANGUAGES- English and Spanish. Could be handy

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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